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Here you’ll find information about shopping for window treatments, along with instructions about how to use our site.

If you have questions about our order policies such as Shipping, Damages/Remake orders, Payment, Privacy or Promotions & Exclusions please visit of DIY Policy page

Although we do our best to make sure that the colors printed on our site are accurate, actual colors may vary due to subtle color differences and textures that may not be fully appreciated on some monitors and/or display cards.

The best way to ensure you’ll be happy with your color is to request a FREE sample before placing your order. Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal color variations as stated by the manufacturers. We’d also like to suggest that you order all of your blinds of a given color at one time, since there can be slight variations between dye lots.


We do not currently ship catalogues or brochures. We work hard to ensure that all the information for our products is available on our site, including measuring instructions, installation instructions, color charts and care/warranty information.

You may contact us by email or 833-DIYBLINDS (833-249-3546)

To view more about how payment works on, please visit our order DIY Policy page.

We are an environmentally friendly company. Please visit our website for installation videos as well as PDF forms of how to install all our products.

We provide instructions on “How To Measure” in a swatch kit as well as our How To Measure video.

An inside mount is when the blind, shade, or faux wood fits inside of the window opening. Mounting as an inside mount generally has a cleaner, neater look. An outside mount is when the blind, shade, or faux wood is mounted above and around the window frame, and can be used if there isn’t enough depth to mount the product inside the opening. Sliding glass doors and wood cased shallow windows are popular outside mount choices.

We try to make sure you get your order as fast as possible. However, because our products are all custom made, there is a manufacturing time associated with every order. After the manufacturer completes it, the shipping time will vary, based on where the our customer is located. We offer free UPS ground shipping on products under 94” in width.

Please review our Policy page

We only sell first quality products. They are made at our factory to your specifications and shipped directly to you.

“Back lighting” happens when light filters in through translucent fabrics from behind. Our swatches don’t show you the effect of back lighting, which can soften colors and highlight fabric textures. If you’d like to see how back lighting affects the color or texture of a particular material, you should request a sample from us.

Samples! We know that the majority of our customers love seeing their potential new window treatments right in their own windows, which is why we offer free samples – with free shipping, too. You can color co–ordinate and get more peace of mind about ordering online.

Yes. We respect your privacy, and know that it is important to you how your information is handled. You can view our DIY Policy page.

Yes. However, there are many different types of mounting surfaces into which your products could be attached; such as concrete, wood, drywall, plaster, steel, etc. We do not include alternative fasteners used for aluminum or concrete installations.

Using the installation instructions found on our website and a few simple hand tools, you should easily be able to install all of the products we carry.

We offer 4 products:

1-2” Cordless Faux Wood Blinds. Valance and left tilt wand are standard. Easily moves up and down with you hand(s). All un-motorized

2-Zebra Blinds. Cassette is standard. Choice of motorized & un-motorized.

3-Roller Shades. Offered with OR without cassette & choice of motorized & un-motorized.

4-Blackout Shades. Offered with OR without cassette & choice of motorized & un-motorized.

We offer free UPS ground shipping on products under 94” in width.

You will receive a UPS tracking number once your order leaves our manufacturers facility. For order over 94” in width shipping will be via freight.

Safer for children. Our 2” Faux Wood Blind is cordless. This system eliminates the lift cord and enables the blind to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of your hand. For more information watch our “Cordless Faux Wood How To” video or refer to our PDF.

Opacity refers to levels of light filtering for fabrics on roller shades. Roller shades are a great choice where privacy is not an issue. They cut out some heat & glare from the sun as well as block UV rays from fading your furniture. We offer a wide range of fabric and colors to chose from.
5%- Most common shade in the market. Blocks 95% of UV rays. You can still see through. You can see in, which is less privacy. GreenGuard certified & anitmicrobial.
3%- Blocks 97% of UV rays. Less of a view. More privacy than 5%. Fabric is woven tighter. GreenGuard certified & anitmicrobial.
1%- Blocks outs 99% of UV. Even more privacy than 3%. GreenGuard certified & anitmicrobial.
Sheer- Sheer elegance. For just a hint of color and style.
Woven- Provides a great option to incorporate texture and dimension to your windows.
Translucent-  Offers you privacy but they also allow light to enter your room. Not recommended for bedrooms.
Please order FREE samples

Blackout shades provide the maximum light blockage for privacy. Great for bedrooms, media/ entertainment rooms, and nurseries.

A cassette is a rounded or boxed top covering on top of the roller shade to hide the roll. This is standard on Zebra shades. Cassettes are optional on roller shades and blackouts. A Valance is similar. It also covers the top portion of your window treatment. Our Valance is standard on our 2” Faux Wood Blind product.

Safer for children.

1-Somfy 25MM

2-Somfy 40MM - COMING SOON

Alexa & Google Home Compatible

Motors vary in size and power. It all depends on the size of your blinds. Once you select your product and dimensions, our system will automatically offer you the options available for your specific window treatment.

All motors need remotes. Our remotes come pre-programmed! Please refer to our “How to Program Remote” videos if you would to re-program. We recommend 1 remote per room. Remotes can control from 1 blind and up to 16 blinds.

You will receive your blinds pre-charged! We recommend 1 charger per blind in order to charge all your blinds at the same time.

Somfy Motors have a Hub that lets you manage all your motorized blinds through an APP (Wi-Fi connectivity required). Hubs are OPTIONAL.

Somfy Hub = myLink

Go to the APP store on your mobile device and download the FREE App.

Somfy Brand search Somfy myLink. For setup, please visit:

We cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.

It takes approximately 6-8 hours to fully charge your blinds. That's why we recommend 1 charger per blind.

Somfy - Motor head has an indicator that will flash

GreenGuard certified means that the window coverings have low chemical and particle emissions for use indoors. Each window blind or shade has been tested by GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) which is an independent non-profit organization and fall with their standards. For more information about GreenGuard Environmental Institute or GreenGuard Certification visit their website at Our GreenGuard Collections: Roller Shades: 1%, 3%, 5%, Gaudi, and The Music.  Blackout Shades: Midnight, Eclipse, and Foster.



All our blinds are custom made to your specifications. We do not accept returns unless the product is damaged. Please refer to our "How to Measure" videos before placing your order. Bottom of the home page.


1- Heat Seal is when the bottom fabric of your blind is wrapped around an aluminum bar / weight creating a pocket and then sealed via heat application. 2- Tear Drop is an oval shaped metal bottom bar. 3- Slim is a rectangular metal bottom bar 4- Triangle Round is ONLY used for Zebra blinds to allow the dual frabrics to move smoothly.





Choices are no cassette, rounded, and square. No cassette is when you see the actual blind roll on top. Rounded cassettes have your blind fabric inserted into the top. Square are flat metal tops, very sleek, modern & minimalistic.


1. Measure

2. Order

3. Install

The Very Best in custom made DIY Blinds.

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